Introducing the Skate Buds Fitness Creator

Meet Creator of the Skate Buds Fitness Program


Aaron Johnson- Master’s Degree in Kinesiology 

Scientist, Teacher, Author, Athlete, Entrepreneur 

Since 2008, Aaron Johnson Fitness Club has been servicing both Louisiana and Texas communities through fitness products, programs and events for ALL ages. 

Aaron has revolutionized the way you engage with students and youth through fitness. His signature program, The Skate Buds Training Program, connects the mind, body and emotions while teaching and promoting fearlessness.

We have collaborated with over forty non-profit organizations including The Boys & Girls Club of America and Dallas Parks and Recreation Centers. His goal is to expand the program as far as possible and we are proud to introduce the Skate Buds Fitness Program. Fitness in Tucson has never looked better!

Aaron Johnson- Founder of Aaron Johnson Fitness Club.

Aaron Johnson- Founder of Aaron Johnson Fitness Club.

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Skate Buds Fitness Program Information

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About our Program

Our program focuses on developing the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to build the confidence in our youth through physical activity while having fun at the same time. Skate Buds and Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops will help your young athlete develop leg, core muscle development and mental strengt


We begin ALL our sessions with 5 minutes of meditation.

Learning how to practice mindfulness and meditation activates the brain and allows us to really engage with our group. We have learned that most kids have no clue about the benefits of daily meditation. We teach them the basics and how to clear your mind and learn how to self-actualize their personal strengths and weaknesses. We are promoting fearlessness and relentless perseverance.

- Teaches proper breathing techniques

- Balance 

- Coordination 

After meditation we go into a short 15 minute workout and stretch. This allows us to loosen our bodies for our work out. It takes time to learn how too properly use Skate Buds Strap-on Heels and we do not want to have any injuries so stretching and working out allows us to examine individual strength levels and decide who needs to focus closely on the physical health side of things.

Once we finish our workout, we dive into the Skate Buds aspect of the program. Skate Buds in Tucson are a unique workout tool that will help expand the lungs, tighten up the core muscles and strengthen the legs and lower body.  

Why Meditation is Great for Athletes

What else you should know?

The final 40 minutes we pick up Skate Buds 

There are 3 levels of Skate Buds, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0 which are indicated by size and speed. Each student will learn to use Skate Buds one foot at a time which allows them to gain their balance and coordination. Once they are able to go around the gym eight times by themselves they will then switch to the other foot and repeat. Trust me, this is a workout. You will sweat and have a lot of fun at the same time. 


The program will be 6 weeks long and our hope is that each and every athlete and participant will see a significant increase in stamina, strength and control of their mind. We believe our program will only aid the abilities of your young athlete. 

Skate Buds in Tucson Fitness Permission Form

We require all of our participants and their parents to sign and return the permission prior to beginning the program. 

Check out this video on the Skate Buds Fitness Program.

Physical activity, exercise and proper food choices are important components of a person’s health, fitness and wellness. We teach students to become aware and protect the power of their mind and body by choosing proper food choices and training with Skate Buds® and Team Skate Buds weekly. Prevention is less expensive.