Jr. Buckets: Promoting YOUTH nutrition in Tucson

With the Jr. Buckets, Health comes first!

The Jr. Buckets Health Club is our way to raise awareness about the many health epidemics affecting our community every day. We realized that 20% of the youth here in Arizona are Obese, we feel an obligation to make a difference,  working with our young men to fight ailments like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and various mental health issues plaguing our community as well. We believe a true understanding of nutritious and healthy lifestyle decisions can make a major difference in your child's performance in school and on the basketball court. 

Our program is geared toward youth boys and young adult males through creative athletic, health & nutrition awareness and social development programs. We will unite a committed group of coaches, mentors and associates with our youth and work to foster strong social skills for young men ages 10-19, while promoting youth nutrition in Tucson. We will participate in competitive basketball leagues and work to create opportunities for each member to reach their personal, academic and athletic goals throughout high school and their collegiate journey. 

Want to become a member?

Joining the Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops Club allows you to gain access to our event list which includes FREE invitation to any of our events for the calendar year of your membership. You will also receive perks and discounts from our sponsors for simply supporting our community efforts. An annual membership is only $25 you join by simply clicking the PayPal link below submitting the $25 fee and one of our coaches will be in touch with more information. 

Additional donations are welcomed!


Health Books for Athletes and Parents

Join our Movement

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and assist us in initiating our programs in the Tucson Community. Become a member of the Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops Club and be a part of the growth with us. All support is appreciated, we look forward to building with you! 

Take a second and download our Free Ebooks as a gift for taking time to look around our website.

Hope you join our efforts!

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