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Joining the Jr. Buckets Basketball program will be the first step to take your son’s skills and knowledge of the game to the next level. 

- We focus on skill development, defense and conditioning

- We push our athletes to be the best they can be

- We encourage growth on and off of the basketball court

- We will participate and host in community events  

- Our athletes will have access to the growing list of programs we plan to initiate.

Permission for Participation in Jr (pdf)


Jr. Buckets Basketball

Join the Jr. Buckets

Our Jr. Buckets basketball program is designed to create opportunities for overlooked talent in the city of Tucson.  Your son can come and grow their basketball skill and learn how to properly take care of their body while competing in competitive athletics. We we offer:

- Personal Training

- Skills Training

- Competitive Leagues Play 

- Learning how to break down film

- Dedicated coaching staff and player development philosophy

- Fun but productive atmosphere

- Opportunities to travel and compete

- Working with Semi-professional athletes and coaches

We also introduce nutrition education, injury prevention awareness, post-play exercises and body rejuvenation techniques to our athletes and members. 

As an AAU Club we participate in in-state and out of state tournaments. We will create a winning atmosphere for our group of players to grow socially and athletically. We desire players who have ambitions of playing high school and college basketball and willing to listen, learn and implement new techniques into their overall game. 

We also want participation from parents and hope to build a family-style atmosphere keeping our young athletes safe and around a supportive group of mentors, coaches and teammates. 

Parents looking to be an active member take a look at our Membership options.

Jr. Buckets Basketball in Tucson

Highlights of our growth over years in Tucson teaching elite Basketball in Tucson. Our collaboration with the Tucson Buckets ABA and working with various other programs, Tucson Buckets and Academy Elite Basketball. 

From the Ground up: We Build

Highlights of some of the success of our program on and off the court here in the Tucson community. 

Jr. Buckets Basketball in Tucson Events/ Schedule

Stay up to date with everything going on with the Jr. Buckets Health Club. You will find community events, practice sessions, scheduled lectures and any other changes and additions throughout the year. 

No upcoming events.