Welcome Future Community Partner

Why Community Partners are important?

Community Partners are a vital piece to the growth to our organization. Our efforts to educate young men and women about nutrition alternatives, living a healthy lifestyle and implementing programs and skills that allow our members and athletes to elevate mentally and physically. Community Partners provide in-kind donations or a small to large financial donation which is dedicated to ensuring  our flagship programs continue to evolve and we work to implement new effective community programs.

What does your donation help with?

- Scholarships for players who otherwise couldn't afford to participate in recreation and athletics.

- Purchasing equipment that assist our coaches, mentors and associates in doing the best work possible with our youth members.

- Helping to fund our active community programs.(Contact us to find out more)

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to infuse the athletic and holistic cultures through creative programs, utilizing athletics and health & nutrition awareness as our foundation. We aim to rejuvenate our community with fun and educational ways to eat and lead healthier lives. Taking control of our health will help elevate our minds, body and spirits. Our club and our associates fight to end obesity, heart disease and diabetes one young person at a time. 

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Think our visions are similar? Give us an opportunity to present our programs to you in person and show you how becoming a Community Partner with the Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops Club can immediately affect youth in Tucson. Take a look at our Community Partner Packages or simply email us with some of your own ideas and let's get to work!

Community Partnership Packages

$550 Silver Package

Package includes-

- One Year Social Media/ Website Promotion

- Uniform Sponsorship- Place Company Logo on 1 set of Team Uniforms

- Company Feature in Monthly Newsletter 

- Company Feature on Website

- Donor Gift and Certificate of Appreciation

- Team Photo

- 8 Tucson Buckets Game Tickets


$1500 Gold Package-(Travel Team)

Package includes-

- One year Social Media/ Website Promotion

- Web Banner on Jr. Buckets Home Page

- Company Logo on 1 set of team jerseys

- Feature in Monthly Newsletter(3months)

- Funds go directly towards transportation cost for players/coaches. Gas, hotel and transportation to out of city/ state events

- Road Warrior Vlog w/ your companies logo

- Donor Certification and High Donor Gift

- Team Photo

- Detailed Progress Report of Funds


$3000+ Platinum Package (Donor Collaboration)

Packages include-

- One Year Social Media/Website Promotion

- Community Partner Highlight Pack

      1. Company Feature on website

      2. Company Feature in Monthly Newsletter(Full year)

- Sponsor end of year highlight film/ photos

- Team Photo for your office

- Donor Appreciation Gift

- Added to Significant donor list

- Helps to directly fund new program implementation

- Helps Fund Scholarships for athletes 

- Decide where your donation specifically goes


Help us Make An Impact!

Join us in making a major impact in our Tucson Community! 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Our Community Partners

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