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Do you have a baller looking to expand their basketball knowledge, performance and conditioning? Personal Training with one of our dedicated coaches may be the answer you were looking for!

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About The Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops Club

Jr. Buckets Hoops

Our Jr. Buckets basketball program will create opportunities for overlooked talent in the city of Tucson to come and grow their basketball skill and learn how to properly take care of their body while competing in competitive athletics. We offer personal training, skills training, competitive league play, and video breakdown. We also introduce nutrition education, injury prevention awareness, post-play exercises and body rejuvenation techniques to our athletes and members.  

Our coaches are active athletes, dedicated to our defense first philosophy. A distinct focus on developing skills that help mold quality basketball players. We take pride in preparing our players for the next level of success. 

The Jr. Buckets Basketball coaching staff includes several semi-professional basketball players including the owner of the Tucson Buckets, of the storied American Basketball Association. 

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Jr.Buckets Health Club


The Jr. Buckets Health Club is tailored to providing nutrition education, sports injury prevention and awareness pertaining to mental/physical well-being as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We want to encourage our athletes and members to live active lives fighting against the nationwide obesity, heart disease and diabetes epidemics plaguing black and brown communities specifically but affecting all communities daily. The club will share information on a variety of subjects and offer sessions, courses, demonstrations and lectures from professionals in all facets of food, sports and nutrition. 

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Our program focuses on developing the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to build the confidence in our youth through physical activity and fun. Skate Buds and Jr. Buckets Health & Hoops will help your young athlete develop leg, core muscle development and mental strength.

We encourage athletes from grades 1st- 12th to join our programs. We want to help bring some fun and excitement to the City of Tucson. We look forward to connecting with you!

We promote community service, basketball training, meditation and physical fitness. 

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